I’m excited to announce my employment with Budcat Creations in Iowa City, IA will begin in middle February.  They flew me out Monday night, put me in a hotel, and I interviewed on Tuesday morning.  Got an offer today, and overall it’s been a great application experience.  The studio really seems to have a sound business model in place, and the people were all extremely nice.  Most people have probably not heard of the company before, but they do the Wii and Ps2 versions of Guitar Hero games, and have worked on many other notable titles.

One of the best things about this job is the opportunity to do a variety of work.  All of the artists are generalist in nature, and that fits perfectly with my skills.  If I had to take a rough guesstimate, I’d say 99% of the companies I’ve seen hire specialists.  This is great for some and I can see the benefits with hiring specialists, but I think at some point more and more studios will hire people with wider skill-sets.  It’ll take the education system to catch up with the industry and start pumping out more quality artists.  As it is now, with the way academic programs are setup, it’s near impossible to teach someone everything they need to know about everything in 3-4 years and have them be any good at anything.

This is really my first legitimate post, and I have quite a few others in mind for the future.  I’ve got a lot to say about computer graphics education in this country, and really would like to start doing game reviews.  It’ll be a good way for me to pick out the successful elements I see, and hopefully incorporate them into future games that I work on or create.

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