There are two games coming out this week that I’m really looking forward to.  Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2.

Both look to have a campaign/story that is epic in completely different ways. I’ll be curious to see how the multiplayer modes for each of them works, as neither one is a typical shooter.

Recently I played Shadow Complex on XBLA and Fallout 3 some more.  Fallout is probably in my top 5 games of all time, but I’m not sure I’ll play all the way through again.  That game with a focused narrative like Mass Effect would be insanely awesome.  Mass Effect with Fallout’s scope would be insanely awesome as well.  Both games are still extremely good.  Shadow Complex made me like 2d platformers again, even if it is all rendered in 3d.  The level design is spot on, and makes exploring more fun than many 3d games.

Some co-workers and I are working on Unearthly Challenge this year, which should prove to be a great learning experience.  I don’t consider myself much of an environment artist, but I know I can handle individual assets/props without a problem.  It’ll be a challenge to put all the elements together into something cohesive, but having other team members will be a huge help in that regard.  We’ve already got 3 great ideas that are well thought out, and after this week we’ll have everything nailed down conceptually and tasks assigned.  We’re using dropbox to manage all of our files across multiple computers, and I’m curious to see how well that works out.  I’ll be posting updates here as a WIP, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.  I don’t like having WIPs on my portfolio site, but I do want a place to put them for people to see.  A blog seems somewhat logical for that, and I think it’ll be fine unless I post a whole lot of text posts.

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