Hey, it’s finally time to make a new post!  It’s comicon competition time again, and this year I’m hell-bent on getting it finished and submitted on time.   The optional theme is to change the age of a comic character, and I’ve chosen to make a young tank girl.  So far I’ve concepted it, and blocked out most of the objects in 3d.  Here’s my progress:

First step is to gather reference:

Next step is to do some quick silhouettes to figure out basic proportions, style, and shapes:

Then I do a “rough” to explore the character further and start to refine the idea.  This is also important to make sure it’s something I want to continue spending time on:

Next I do a series of head roughs to nail down the look I want for the character:

Then I do a final concept and color it, taking into account all of the feedback I’ve received thus far:

And that’s it!  Now I’m ready to model.  The following is a quick paintover of the 3d model to make sure I’m on the right track, and also a mockup of the base/pedestal I want to use for the competition.  Her home in the comic is a tank, and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, so I thought it was fitting:

More to come!

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