Well, I finished it on time and was able to submit this year!  Following is the presentation shot I submitted.  I also had to submit a beauty shot, construction shot, texture sheet, and inspiration sheet. 

Click on the above image for fullsize.

I learned quite a few things working on this project, and think I did some things right.  The things I learned/did wrong are as follows:

-Make a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.  This seems pretty straight forward being that I always schedule stuff out at work, but it’s definitely important not to get stuck at the end with a ton of stuff to do. 

-Have a character(or 2-3) picked out before the competition starts so I don’t waste 4-5 days trying to figure out what subject I’m going to be doing. 

-Be even more active on the forums.  I left a decent amount of genuine comments this year, but I think it’s necessary to get even  more dialogue going.  I used to think stuff like “good job, keep it up” was kind of silly and meaningless, but those sort of comments can keep you going if you ever hit a sticking point.  As long as it’s a sincere pat on the butt, I think it’s fine to leave short, positive comments.  It also gets more people looking at your stuff.

The things I did right:

-Spent the time necessary to design a character and resolve the design issues that I had.  I could have just thrown something together and moved on to the modeling phase, but it definitely paid off in the end to have spent the week+ on a concept.

-I finished!  Basically, I didn’t finish last year’s comicon, and haven’t finished the past 2 dominance wars, so this was a huge accomplishment.  I’ve got a much better idea of what to do from here on out with competitions while working full-time.

-Achieved a level of quality I’m happy with.  Yes, there are things I would’ve done differently and fixed had I had more time, but ultimately I’m pleased with the end result.

So, that’s about it.  For the next competition I have a schedule in mind, working backwards- 1 week for final presentation, 1 week for textures/lighting, 1 week for low poly+baking, and the rest for concepting+high poly work.  If I look at dominance war’s deadline, that would give me essentially the following:

2 weeks for concept

3 weeks for high poly

1 week for low+bakes

1 week for textures/lighting

1 week for final presentation

This seems pretty reasonable for finishing on time, with little stress, while still working full-time.  If I look at comicon’s schedule for next year, it would be more like:

1 week for concept

2 weeks for high poly

1 week for low/bakes

1 week for textures/lighting

1 week for presentation

I would potentially take some time out of the presentation and low/bakes estimate to add to the high poly, but again, this seems reasonable.

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